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Bärbel Schalber

Bärbel Schalber

Salzburg is differently looking every day.

For more than thirty years I have been presenting the town to my guests – and it´s never the same.

Even the world-famous “string rain” does not bother its beauty - it only causes  different presentations of the marvellous sights.

That´s probably the reason why I love my profession so much!

I am especially interested in what is behind the facts –anecdotes and personal stories, which make history alive.

So I  carry off my guests into the past and let them participate in the destiny of the burgers and rulers, the ones who developed our culture and traditions.

The buildings of our town, the burgers´houses, the palaces – they tell us so much  about their inhabitants and the time, they lived in.

Dear visitor, I invite you to a voyage of discovery through the centuries  to meet personages of former days (and nowadays), to spend some time with them, to laugh with them or to feel sorry for their ways of live.

Just join me! 

Your Bärbel Schalber

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