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Junko Flatscher

Junko Flatscher

“Melody Guide” of Sound of Music Tours 

I´m a japanese woman and came to Salzburg more than 20 years ago. In Japan, I was working as a teacher of English and Music. Ever since my childhood in Japan, I’ve always enjoyed singing very much. I, of course, continued to sing in Austria and have made Music CDs with diffrent kinds of songs.

However I loved to become a tourist guide, because I´ve allways been fascinated by this country (especially Salzburg) with its landscape and people. I also lived in Vienna as a tourist guide for five years and learnt to know the charm of the capital of Austria. Since I’m back to Salzburg again, besides the standard tours, I’ve more and more begun to sing beautiful songs of the film “Sound of Music” with my tourist guests düring their tours. As a singing guide I call myself “Melody Guide” and like to give my guests the incomparable impression of this musical town, Salzburg.




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