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Roman Reinhard Forisch

Roman Reinhard Forisch

Everyone loves Roman! How is that? Well, he owes his popularity to his Austrian charm, innated from Mom, who is from Leopold Mozart´s city, Augsburg, and his father from the Wolfgang Amadé Mozart´s city, Vienna. Roman grew up in the picturesque lakes and mountains district next to Salzburg, which is now the center (stage) of his life. Yes, this really is where the famous movie „The Sound Of Music“ was filmed! 

However, to Roman the whole world is home. He is considered a „Metropolit“, having lived in New York, London and Munich for many years and travelled as a butler on the Cunard cruiseliner Queen Mary II the whole world. 

His aphorism, „learn live from the bottom up and never ever stop!“ puts him always „to be in the know “. His advanced vocational qualifications, for example as power trainer, makes your trip so exciting, you can feel reassured to take home an extraordinary impression to visualize forever. 

Get Yourself inspired by the fascinating excursion offered by Roman – who will open your eyes to the hidden treasures!

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Roman Reinhard Forisch
St. Julien Str. 2, TOP 924
5020 Salzburg
Phone: 0676/9397837