Salt Mine and the Celts

It's highly amusing to dress up in miners' overalls. 
Enter the realm of the long forgotten era of mining history and enjoy a couple hours in the “underworld.”
Afterwards, we stroll through the heart of the medieval city of Hallein, and hear about the craftsman of past centuries. Goods made in Hallein well known throughout Europe, such as wooden toys, traditional woollen jackets, knitted stockings and many other things.
Narrow alleyways and spacious squares characterize this town. If you still have time, it's well worth visiting Kaltenhausen, Salzburg's oldest brewery.
If you would rather have a more relaxing trip, then instead of going to the salt mine, go on an organised tour of the Kaltenhausen brewery and its museum of barrel-making. Beertasting in Salzburg’s oldest brewery is a true pleasure.

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